Link & Wembley Rd, Berrinba Qld

CLIENT:  Logan City Council
VALUE: $9,800,000
DURATION:  July 2012 to June 2013 (scheduled completion date)

Shamrock Civil were awarded head contractor by Logan City Council to construct a new linking road between Gilmore and Wembley Roads, and the widening of Wembley Rd with the construction of new pavements and the overlay of existing pavements.

The scope of works on the link road and Wembley Rd included:

  • Tree clearing, stripping and stockpiling of topsoil and implementation of the erosion and sediment control plan;
  • Subgrade stabilisation treatment, pavements and asphalting with the combined road surfacing area being 30,000 m2 and total asphalt tonnage being 12,000 t;
  • Widening of Wembley road with overlay of existing pavements;
  • Installation of kerb and channel (4.5 km), median strips and roundabout;
  • Concrete footpaths;
  • Supply and installation of stormwater drainage (1.8 km) and culverts;
  • Supply and install water (500 m) and sewer (100 m) reticulation;
  • Installation of in-ground electrical services (3.2 km) associated with street lighting and signalisation of the link road and Wembley Rd intersection; and
  • Landscaping.
  • Wembley road (approx. 30,000 VPD).

Shamrock Civil is managing several subcontracts on this project including tree clearing, electrical works, water and sewer reticulation works, installation of kerb and channel, asphalting and landscaping.

All works continue to be managed to assure conformance to the requirements of TMR, LCC and Energex standards and specifications.

This project required the implementation of a complex worksite traffic management plan on

As this project impacts a major road through Logan Central, Shamrock Civil in conjunction with Logan City Council has ensured that community stakeholders are made sufficiently aware of planned changes to road conditions in advance of the scheduled works.