RAAF Amberley C17 Simulator

CLIENT: John Holland
CLIENT REP: Brian Dodd
CONTACT No: (07) 3867 7000
VALUE: $635,000
DURATION: April 2008 – April 2009
Contract works: Earthworks, Carpark, Stormwater, Pavement and Kerbs.

As part of the RAAF Base Amberley Redevelopment, Shamrock Civil Engineering were contracted by John Holland to carry out earthworks, stormwater and pavement works for the C17 Simulator Facility.

The project consisted of the construction of the following:
• Clear and strip existing top soil and vegetation;
• Earthworks including excavation and fill to design levels and the construction of building pads;
• Supply and install stormwater lines and pits;
• Supply and install a stormwater treatment device;
• Concrete works including kerbs; and
• Construct flexible pavement to design.

As our works were carried out within a RAAF base defence, Shamrock had to ensure that all safety and security procedures set out by the base were followed at all times. During our earthworks we encountered a lot of existing services that were documented and undocumented. We ensured all services were carefully located and any potential clashes with the design were detailed back to the client. Identifying potential clashes and resolving any issues prior to starting works in an area was key to completing the project on time and to the satisfaction of the client.