Strathblane Gas Plant

CLIENT: Origin Energy
CONTACT NO: (07) 3858 0702
VALUE: $1,300,000
DURATION: October 2006 – September 2007

The Spring Gully development coal seam gas project is located approximately 80km north of Roma in central Queensland.  It is the fourth stage of the development of the Spring Gully gas field, as a part of which Origin Energy constructed a new natural gas compressor plant and ancillary works on the Strathblane property.

Shamrock Civil were the contractors appointed to supply the materials, labour and plant for the construction of earthworks associated with the Strathblane gas plant site.

These works comprised of:

  • Excavation of 40,000m3 of unsuitable silty sand material, haul to stockpile, compact and trim to neat profiles.
  • The construction of a treated water evaporation pond, 33m x 33m x2.5m involving 1,000m3 cut and 3,000m3 fill and HDPE lining
  • The construction of a produced water storage pond, 92m x 131m x 3m involving 22,500m3 cut and 22,200m3 fill and HDPE lining.
  • Earthworks/benching associated with the gas plant site, covering an area of 20,000m2 involving 21,600m3 cut and 12,100m3 fill.
  • Haulage and spreading of 4,600m3 of topsoil.
  • Importation and placing of granular material for the capping of pond embankments, rock berm diffusers and hardstand for Gas Plant and adjacent areas.
  • Bituminous sealing of hardstand areas, approximately 10,000m2
  • Supply and installation of 170m of concrete road barriers and thrie beam guardrail.

All works were completed on time and to a high quality to meet the requirements of Origin Energy.